ADVISORY | Strategic Solutions and Human Capital

Our Advisory Practice focuses on end-to-end Strategy and is integrated with our Human Capital and Training offerings – to provide holistic strategic support to organisations.



Strategy is at the heart of what we do.  Our consultants are first and foremost capable strategists with strong analytical competencies.

Our definition of strategy is the ‘science of allocating scarce resources to achieve defined and measurable outcomes’.  This definition holds especially true for work done within the Public Sector where competitive frameworks are less applicable.

We believe that to allocate scarce resources requires a deep understanding of the organisation in order to determine where real value resides.  It is for this reason that we advocate strategic decisions off a strong and well defined ‘Core’.  Companies / Organisations that demonstrate the most sustainable value creation do so by dominating their core business.

Our team can help clients developing strategic solutions to challenging business issues and includes (but not limited to):

— Corporate and Business Strategies
— Growth Strategies including Acquisition, Market Entry & Regional Strategies
— Revenue Enhancement and Cost Optimisation Strategies
— Sustainability, Transformation & B-BBEE and Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement

Though we rely on and often use tools and methodologies, we strongly believe that the uniqueness of the environment that we work in requires bespoke solutions.  Our management tools and methodologies include:

Vision & Mission Statements | Strategic Planning | Customer Relationship Management | Benchmarking & Competitor Analysis | Market Studies & Customer Segmentation | Balanced Scorecard | Core Competencies | Portfolio Analysis & Prioritisation | Scenario Planning


Strategy in itself is meaningless.  A capacitated organisation with the right leadership, an effective and aligned organisational structure, efficient processes & systems, skilled and capacitated staff together with an enabling culture are all critical requirements for success.

However, it all starts and ends with a strategy.

Our team can help clients in the development of a targeted operating model together with its execution through:

— Organisational Design
— Business Process Re-engineering
— Work-study Assessments
— Skills Audits
— Performance Management
— Change Management
— Risk Management



Strategies do not implement themselves.  They are executed by empowered and capacitated managers within the client organisation.  AIA assist in developing real capacity to execute.

All execution or implementation projects follow our ‘Action Learning Virtuous Cycle model’.  This model is a ‘learning by doing’ model and has worked extremely successfully in the Public Sector in SA, starting at SARS with Project Siyakha

AIA additionally assists clients with the following tasks:

— PMO Set-up and Management
— Implementation Support & Change Management
— Programme Execution
— Post-Merger Integration
— Capacity Building

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