• Review of Organisational Funding Model - Independent National Statutory Body

    • This project included a full investigation of the organisation in order to identify any cost saving or possible income generation initiatives, as the organisation had struggled in prior years with the available budget and had required supplemental funding to stay operational.
    • The work required us to thoroughly understand the mandate of the organisation, the services they delivered, the relative costs thereof and what alternatives existed for them to meet their mandate at lower cost.

    “The project was completed ahead of schedule within budget and yielded important and valuable quantitative and qualitative reports which assisted [us] in maintaining not only a going-concern model but to increase overall revenue, through our service offering package that you put together.” – Director of Independent National Statutory Body

    “I have no hesitation in recommending your efficient and value adding services to anyone who has need of good advice and assistance in their business.” – Director of Independent National Statutory Body

    Business Analysis Benchmarking Financial Modelling
    Legislative Alignment Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategy Development and Organisational Structure Design – Electricity Distribution Entity

    • This project centred on developing a business strategy for an electricity distribution entity that looked to maximise service delivery by providing a sustainable business model.
    • Input was gained from various stakeholders in order to guide and inform the entity’s vision, mission, values and strategic imperatives and initiatives. These inputs, together with our analysis, were then consolidated and prioritised into a strategy that best served on the critical requirements from a service delivery as well as a financial sustainability model.
    • Once the strategy was defined, we redesigned the Organisational Structure to best reflect the new business strategy.

    “Our experience with [AIA] was that they were able to add significant value. They were able to provide constructive inputs to the strategic process as well offered different views and challenges to the current strategy. Their knowledge of and ability to facilitate the strategy development process was critical to successfully start [our organisation] off on this new direction.” – Chief Operating Officer of Electricity Distribution Entity

    Business Strategy Business Development Organisational Design
    Financial Modelling Legislative Alignment Market Analysis
  • Capacity Building Programme – Local Municipality

    • The primary concept was that providing municipal employees at various levels with enhanced skills would ultimately lead to improved service delivery. AIA was tasked with the design, customisation and roll out of the training at the local municipality to 120 learners.
    • All the modules were fundamental building blocks to the development of the learners and the project culminated in them running a real workplace project and applying the lessons that were learnt.

    “In our engagements with [AIA], it was clear that they were able to add significant value throughout the programme. Along with providing constructive and relevant course work for the delegates, they engaged with delegates n a professional and courteous manner. Their knowledge and ability to facilitate both the training and project based segments of the programme was critical to the successful implementation of the project and allowed for shared value throughout the municipality.” – Municipal Manager of Local Municipality

    Finance for Non-Financial Managers Report Writing Project Management
    Time Management Presentation Skills Personal Effectiveness
    Data Management & Analysis Data Reporting Presentation Skills
    Microsoft Office Tools
  • Strategy Facilitation and Development – Municipal Owned Entity

    • The strategy project centred on reviewing a business strategy for a local municipal entity that was necessitated due to changes in the business environment.
    • AIA initiated the engagement by performing a thorough situational analysis study where critical internal and external factors were analysed. This included PESTEL and SWOT analysis as well as detailed financial, revenue, operating and business environment. This formed the basis of the discussion for the strategy conference.
    • A strategy conference was facilitated. The outputs, together with our analysis, were then consolidated and prioritised into a reviewed strategy document that best served on the critical requirements from a service delivery as well as a financial sustainability model.

    “The service was professional and the final product was of a high quality” – General Manager: Monitoring & Evaluation and Assurance of Municipal Owned Entity

    Strategy Development Organisational Design Situational Analysis
    Macro-Environmental Overview Business Model Development Strategy Facilitation
    Financial Modelling Risk Assessment and Mitigation Market Analysis
    Legislative Alignment
  • Business Process Reengineering – National Regulator

    • This project centred on business process reengineering as well as analysis and implementation of the optimal organisational structure. Our analysis started with the overall process architecture and a value chain for the organisation was developed. From this, each of the organisations departmental business processes (workflows) and support functions were analysed. This included volume and time analysis studies to determine workloads and optimal structures required. The findings and detailed reports informed the changes to the organisational structure, business processes and policies, IT systems selection and budgets that have subsequently been implemented.
    • A key part of our work included understanding how the organisation interacted with and regulated the actions of all the players in industry including new entrants. This involved extensive field research and a large-scale survey of all the parties, including clients of these various institutions and agents.

    “The AIA consultants have a very realistic and well tried approach to this work and clearly understand the importance of careful change management and capacity building as part of this effort.” – Chief Financial Officer of National Regulator

    Business Process Reengineering Process Mapping Process Development
    Value Chain Development Organisational Structure Design Time/Volume Analysis
    Field Research & Surveys Legislative Alignment
  • Multiple Engagements – Municipal Owned Entity

    • AIA has engaged with this Municipal Owned Entity on a number of projects, including:
      – Development of High Level Organisational Structure

      – Review and Development of Business Plan

      – Facilitation of Multiple Board Workshops

      – Process Mapping, Work Study and Organisational Design

    • On the latest project, AIA undertook to develop a comprehensive organisational structure for the Entity. This involved developing an understanding of the nature of work conducted by each department. In interviewing the Entity resources we were able to map key processes, conduct a skills audit and identify various areas for improvement. This allowed us to provide recommendations on areas of concern including Staffing/Human Resources and process related issues within the Entity and recommendations on how they should be addressed.

    “Our experience with AIA was that they were able to add significant value. Their engagement with the staff of [our organisation], the Executive Committee and the Board was always conducted in an effective and professional manner. Similarly, their work has always been of the highest quality and we can recommend them for their professionalism, diligence and high standards of delivery” – Senior Manager: Strategic Planning of Municipal Owned Entity

    Organisational Design Process Analysis Process Design
    Structural Alignment Work Study Skills Audit
    Workshop Facilitation
  • Organisational Transformation and Organisational Development – National Public Entity

    • Our project team worked with the Project Management Office (PMO), senior management and Board of this entity to effect meaningful change in the performance of the business.
    • This involved a multi-faceted effort to reengineer core and support processes, resolve longstanding issues with staff and labour, redesign policies and operating procedures (SOPs) and conduct an audit on the significant backlog.
    • The reengineering of processes subsequently led onto an organisational design piece where the structure of the entity was redesigned based on the new processes and strategy adopted by the entity. AIA was further tasked with the revision of existing job descriptions and creation of job descriptions for new positions in the Operations department.
    • AIA conducted an audit of all the open claims within the entity, which consequently led on to the development of a comprehensive action plan to process the backlog and bring them to ultimate finality.

    “In my career as an Executive spanning 20 years I have come across and used many consulting firms, and some of the big names I might say. AIA is in my opinion a consulting firm that takes a practical, pragmatic approach to problems and issues and then add value by assisting in designing and implementing solutions, whether it be strategic or operational of nature.” – Chief Operation Officer of National Public Entity

    “The scope of work was vast and would not have been covered without the assistance of AIA. Their skills and experience were displayed throughout the project and they conducted themselves with absolute professionalism at all times” – Chief Strategy Officer of National Public Entity

    “AIA consultants have a very realistic and well-tried approach to this type of work and clearly understand the significance of skills transfer and capacity building as part of this effort. Given the opportunity, we would utilise them again and have no hesitation in recommending AIA to other parastatals and private entities.” – Senior Manager: Business Analysis of National Public Entity

    Organisational Design Business Process Reengineering Work Study
    Job Description Development SOP Development KPI Development
    Business Turnaround Workshop Facilitation Strategy Development
    Incentive Scheme Development Policy Development Stakeholder Audit
  • Organisational Design – National Department

    • In this engagement we were tasked with developing an overall strategy and aligning the budgets and processes to that strategy. One example involved reducing inefficiencies in the procurement process that were crippling a number of Core Functions.
    • Our initial analysis found that the total procurement cycle was lengthy. The AIA team developed a number of proposals which were tested through a pilot project lasting about 6 months. The pilot team was trained in the revised processes and in using the newly introduced process rules and tools. The pilot was successful and resulted in reductions in the issuing of orders from 31 to 5.5 days.

    “AIA has been very flexible in their approach and have consistently delivered beyond their original mandate helping out with capacity building, change management, strategic planning and budgeting. We were impressed with the efforts they make to develop their junior, largely PDI, staff alongside excellent delivery” – Senior Specialist: Business Process, Risk and Infrastructure Management of National Department

    Organisational Design Business Process Reengineering Work Study
    Training Workshop Facilitation Strategy Facilitation
  • Multiple Engagements – Integrated Energy & Chemicals Company

    • This Integrated Energy & Chemicals Company has been an on-going major client of ours for over six years. AIA has worked with multiple divisions within this Company on a wide variety of projects, including strategy, business planning and future growth. The Company is a sophisticated user of consultants but has proved a very loyal client due to our ability to deliver international standards of output.
    • AIA has developed a range of strategy projects for this Company, including long term forecasting, analysis of international trends to determine long term strategic implications, growth strategies, and acquisitions strategies. For each of these engagements, long term strategic views on the situation had to be clearly understood and defined due to the large capital spend requirements.

    “Their knowledge of setting up a PIP plan, metrics to track performance and the financial modelling of outputs was very helpful whilst they were also able to challenge our structures and plant performance based on benchmarks obtained and their own experience” – General Manager: PIP Office of Integrated Energy & Chemicals Company

    “I have employed AIA on a number of critical projects at [our Company] over the last 3 years. Their work has always been of the highest quality and we can recommend their professionalism, diligence and strong analytical capability” – General Manager: Technology & Strategy of Integrated Energy & Chemicals Company

    Strategy Development Strategic Alignment Acquisition Strategies
    Macro-Environmental Analysis Market Analysis & Entry Financial Modelling
    Business Planning
  • Policy Response Strategy Development – Integrated Energy & Chemicals Company

    • In this critical engagement AIA was tasked with leading the Company’s strategic response to new legislation. This was a critical project for the Company’s Group Executive and Board with great complexities due to the uncertainty prevailing at the time.
    • Our analysis focused on the legislative elements and the impacts on the Company. The existing and future positions of the Company together with the desired end-states. Financial modelling was performed to determine the most cost effective solutions and strategies for implementation were identified.

    “AIA has always been able to demonstrate the right level of experience and quality of analysis to be able to solve often complex problems. They also demonstrate a very thorough understanding of the South African political and economic landscape. This is often vital to developing strategies that require integration with other government or parastatal players” – Senior Vice President: Public and Regulator Affairs of Integrated Energy & Chemicals Company

    Macro-Environmental Analysis Legislative Analysis Executive Engagement & Alignment
    Financial Modelling Strategy Development Workshop Facilitation
    Risk Assessment & Mitigation
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