CAPACITY BUILDING | SETA Accredited Training

  • AIA recognised the significant skills gap in translating strategy/solutions into actual implementation
  • We incorporate training and capacity building initiatives on all our projects using Action Learning principles
  • Key components of Action Learning methodology:

    • Learning by doing / through experience
    • Real, practical scenarios
    • Working in teams to solve problems
    • Insightful questioning and reflective listening
    • Commitment to learning and achieving results
    • An experienced and capable facilitator/coach

  • Fully accredited as a training provider with Services SETA who assures the quality of our courses, and the qualifications of our Moderators and Assessors
  • Developed a suite of management and skills development courses covering core skills required in the business world
  • Course methodology aligned to the principles of Action Learning:

    • by building real implementation skills through problem solving using case studies and exercises directly related to the participants own work environment
    • equipping participants with practical skills, models, tools and frameworks that can be immediately applied in their workplace
    • experienced and capable facilitators (2 facilitators at all courses given the hands-on practical approach which requires more guidance/support from facilitators)

  • AIA’s unique position as both management consultants and training provider ensures highly experienced, professional and relevant facilitation for all our courses (our consultants are our facilitators)
  • AIA’s design and delivery of the management development programme, Project Khaedu, to over 4800 senior and middle managers across the country and at all levels of the public sector makes us one of the leading providers of Action Learning based training in South Africa
  • Skills and NQF aligned courses
  • Customised courses

    • Ability to customise or develop new course material according to the needs of our clients

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