AIA has a rich history of excellence dating back to our founding in 2002.

We have advised large multi-nationals as well all spheres of government on strategy, turnarounds, operational improvements, organisational restructuring and digital adoption.

AIA is a management consultancy founded in 2002 by Dawn Mokhobo, Tim Hough and a team of experienced consultants from leading firms, off the back off Project Siyakha: the SARS Turnaround.

Our success has been in understanding the unique and dynamic environments within which we operate and developing and executing appropriate solutions to meet these needs. We recognised Capacity Building as being critical for sustainable delivery of our projects and through this designed and executed what would become one of the largest and most successful Public-Sector management training programmes in South Africa: Project Khaedu. Over 5000 middle and senior managers across all spheres of government were trained using the Action Learning methodology, aiding in real and sustainable development.

Move to digital

As the evolution towards digital increased, we invested significant resources in building our digital capability: in terms of the tools, products and services required by our clients. Business enablement through strategic and performance management was identified as being of particular interest, due to our experience of both the successes and failures and impact on overall business performance. As we have broadened our capabilities, we have always remained true to who we are. To this day, advisory across the management consulting disciplines has been at our core. Our team has nurtured and grown a reputation for world class delivery, having successfully delivered on large scale Strategy, Operations Improvement and Organisational Development projects for a wide variety of clients across industries and sectors.

After nearly two decades in the industry, AIA has matured by deepening its focus areas of excellence and industry expertise while broadening our capabilities. We will always view our singular purpose as continually walking the journey of progress, hand in hand, with our clients.

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