Human Settlements is an all-encompassing concept that incorporates housing, education, healthcare, recreation and basic infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage, etc.). Large-scale planning encompasses the adequate investment and coordination of delivery of these services to initialize new settlements. South Africa is characterized by a high rate of inequality, requiring significant state intervention to ensure the provision of access to basic rights. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to promote of an improved quality of life for all citizens.

The sector relies heavily on quality yet cost-effective building materials. However, without regular updating of subsidization mechanisms and increasing costs of building materials and labour, the financial models quickly become less sustainable, reducing the number of quality of buildings and services delivered. The South African sector faces a costly impact by the rise of the informal industry (non-registered professionals) as it risks long-term viability through poor quality service delivery.

Equally, timely and effective long-term planning and maintenance of infrastructure is essential for long-term sustainability of the sector, that is, investment is dedicated to prolong the lifespan of infrastructure, allowing for greater CAPEX spend in new infrastructure.

AIA works across various sub-sectors within Human Settlements understanding the end-to-end value chain, and multifaceted complexities that impacts everyday decisions. We have assisted National Departments, Local Government, Regulatory Bodies as well as Non-Governmental Organisations in delivering and maintaining human settlements. AIA understands the policy mandate and strategic direction of the sector and assists in the efficientisation and alignment of the various entities through the development and review of Service Delivery Models, Business Process Reengineering, Organisational Design and Development and Governance Alignment.



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