There is a global energy system transition currently occurring. Driven by our need to decarbonise and move towards a greater renewable mix, technology has rapidly advanced over the past decade. The experience curve effect has driven down costs, vastly improving affordability within the renewables environments. Coupled with digital innovations, greater integration is occurring across value chains, while our access to improved data, in real time, is fundamentally altering the ways in which companies leverage their assets in creating value.

These changes, together with the market shifts and movement away from vertically integrated monopolies, is creating greater market access and competition and with it the opportunities for investment.

Understanding these changes, and having a tool kit to respond in a meaningful manner, requires both energy users and energy providers to find new business and operating models to secure long term viability. Similarly, the opportunities for new entrants is greater than ever, where innovative application of technology and route to market options can capture value from incumbents too slow to respond.

Our team, has decades of hands-on experience across the energy sector and understands the dimensions within which change is occurring. We help organisation, through insights driven analysis and on the ground expertise to chart a path of success through uncertain and unpredictable times.



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