As a consultancy we are very excited by the President's initiative to open the South African electricity market to regional supply.

Southern Africa is blessed with:

  • >200 TCF of natural gas – a world class resource.
  • Ample unexploited hydropower potential in the Congo and Zambezi rivers.
  • World class solar and wind resources in southern Namibia.

We are also working with stakeholders in the region on practical options for these opportunities to be realised.

Mozambique can provide competitive electricity and gas to South Africa in the medium to long term:

  • Mpanda Nkua hydro project can deliver 1500 MW by the early 2030’s
  • 126 Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) of gas in northern Mozambique can provide cost advantaged gas-to-power by 2027
  • Maputo is a well positioned harbour to ensure LNG supply security to South Africa by late 2025
  • Sufficient spare grid capacity to deliver 2600 megawatts to South Africa


Namibia can provide energy solutions that can integrate well with South Africa’s energy transition:

  • World class solar resources that can add half-an-hour of sunlight to South Africa’s solar resources
  • Recent world class gas and oil discoveries creates the opportunity for gas-to-power
  • Gas to power projects will provide grid stability and open capacity for more renewables in the Northern Cape
  • Possibility to integrate gas infrastructure with hydrogen



  • Mapping studies have revealed 18 GW of hydropower potential with 2,1 GW being currently developed
  • Gas discoveries in the Kwanza basin creates the possibility for 1,2 GW of gas-to-power by 2030
  • Angola’s integration into the Southern African Power Pool positions it well to address South Africa’s needs



South Africa Energy Namibia Angola
Henry Gilfillan

Sep 2022