Intelligent Analysis, Management, Reporting & Administration through a cloud hosted Solution

stratXe is an enterprise resource planning tool that includes performance management and is geared towards small to medium sized businesses. Essentially, Strategi.EXE is a tool for optimizing and managing resource allocation.

We help you better manage your business - managing your people, allocating your resources, managing performance, having a strategy etc. How do we do it? We incorporate various methodologies such as OKR’s and balanced scorecards through various ways such as agile project management.

Strategy.exe products

Single integrated suite with various management systems, all required for a business to succeed.


Helping you to develop, track and manage your strategy, stratXe allows strategy to be realized. Here an enterprise can achieve strategy formulation, strategy execution and strategy implementation through the use of OKR’s and balanced scorecards.


stratXe allows you to build a framework for job profiles, allowing you to accurately track and measure what your staff are meant to do. You’re also able to structure your organisation and provide clarity for job roles within an organisation, ensuring that your people know exactly where they fit into the bigger picture.


StatXE allows you to measure your staffs performance across all of their projects and enables your staff to track their own performance, holding them accountable to their KPI’s.


Our embedded project management system allows for stage-by-stage project governance, giving you and your staff a detailed picture of what each project entails from start to finish.


stratXe facilitates HR administration in smart ways. Your staff can log expenses and leave for approval, and log their specific time dedicated to each task – with customizable reports available to help enable performance review processes.


An embedded stakeholder management system enables enterprises to stay up to date with various key stakeholders, and assign them to relevant projects.

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