Globally, we are undergoing drastic and unprecedented change. Digital and Big Tech is consuming all in its path and with it comes new ways of creating and capturing value. Climate change and environmental sustainability has created structural market and competitive changes, with shifting consumer patterns being a key driving force. In the face of these changes, organisations must make bold choices to maintain and grow market share.

Good decision making is never easy. There are always competing interests, yet the difference between choosing well and not choosing at all is the difference between growth and decline. Yet, for most organizations; mainly large, established incumbents - inertia and the need to maintain consensus amongst various internal constituencies, means that the status quo prevails.

Capital and resource allocation, market positioning, creative destruction and innovation, evolving and novel routes to market - all involve a myriad of choices – mostly difficult, hard to reverse choices –where unbiased support can broaden the context, thereby improving the odds of success.

AIA assists organisations in understanding the evolution of the market, while helping you navigate the complexities of change. As outsiders we analyse, interrogate and assist not only in formulating strategy and helping you make the hard decisions, we also take pride in our ability to aide implementation.