Organisations face various challenges from rising customer expectations, competition from new “digital native” market entrants and constantly evolving business models. In order to address these challenges and stay relevant, now more than ever companies need to be aligned on their digital and IT strategies if they are to compete and win in their chosen markets. These fundamental questions need to be addressed:

  • What is my IT/digital strategy?
  • How do I improve my business using innovative new ideas effectively?
  • How do I best set up my technology function to operate effectively?
  • How do I drive business value from my data?
  • How do I execute my strategy effectively? (improve my execution capability, and deliver business change effectively?)


At AIA we seek to simplify digital by working with you to articulate your strategy, execute your strategy and ensure you continuously align to your organisational strategy and mandate. We focus on addressing the questions asked above, and build a clearly defined and easily communicated strategy geared towards achieving your stated business outcomes.


At AIA, we focus on business outcomes, and no more so than top line growth. This is essential to maximise the value from your digital transformation. At AIA, we can help you identify and grow new channels, products and services through a clearly articulated process helping you reach new customers, develop new channels and help you to effectively service and grow revenue from your existing customer base.


Even with a functioning systems development, IT services, architecture and security capabilities, your IT organization can only operate effectively if the entire value chain is optimized. At AIA, we help organisations achieve operational excellence in the management of technology by offering a suite of services leading to improved maturity of their IT functions. These include strategic vendor management, cost optimisation & transparency, effective governance, operating model design and performance management.


Through increases in digitisation, more information is becoming readily available. Internal sensory information on both the customer and operations is creating possibilities never before imagined. As information increases, sophisticated tools are required to appropriately analyse the data, but also, to critically use the data to provide customised, localised and digitised solutions / products to customers – ultimately using data to drive business value.


We believe that strategy not implemented is often worse than no strategy at all as this creates a false sense of progress. We are committed to walking hand in hand with our clients.

Even with the best articulated strategies, more than half of organisations do not meet their digital objectives. While the reasons are varied, one of the biggest challenges that companies face is in executing their strategies. At AIA we help organisations deliver change effectively by partnering with them in strategy and execution. We reduce the delivery risk and improve programme success by focusing on:

  • Effective portfolio stewardship – developing and implementing robust processes to manage prioritisation, resource allocation, sequencing and alignment to strategic objectives
  • PMO design and set up – ensuring that project and programme management offices are set up, aligned to organisational demands, and have the appropriate people, processes and technology to support the business outcomes
  • Programme assurance – We ensure that the right foundations are in place to ensure successful delivery. This can be with an existing technology transformation program, existing technology integration partners, or the setup of new program

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