Central to any functioning economy is a solid foundation. It is crucial to recognise that the elements often taken for granted in developed countries are largely absent in the markets we serve. For instance, modern energy systems remain inaccessible to almost 50% of all Africans. Even the most advanced African economies face significant challenges with energy security, grappling with frequent rolling blackouts, inadequate grid infrastructure and insufficient and unreliable energy supply options. Without the basic assurance of energy and electricity security, productivity stalls and economies struggle to grow.

For economies to function optimally, certain enabling dimensions must be in place. These dimensions can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Capital: Sufficient financial resources are essential for investment and economic growth.
  • Infrastructure: This encompasses various facets, including energy, ports, roads, railways, and connectivity infrastructure. A well-developed infrastructure network is vital for facilitating business operations and enabling economic development.
  • People: Building human capacity, skills, and expertise is necessary for sustainable economic growth and development. Investing in the development of a skilled workforce is a necessary aspect of developing economies.
  • Legislative and Policy Mechanisms: The presence of supportive legislation and policies that encourage investment and facilitate growth that balances public good with investor certainty.
  • Regulatory Mechanisms: Balancing the needs of businesses and protecting the public interest requires effective regulatory mechanisms. These mechanisms should enable a conducive business environment while ensuring public welfare.
  • Governance Institutions: Establishing capable and well-equipped governance institutions is essential for executing mandates effectively and efficiently.
  • Markets and Access to Markets: Accessible and robust markets play a pivotal role in driving trade and fostering economic development.

At AIA, our Foundations Practice focuses on addressing these fundamentals in a holistic and coherent manner. We bridge the gap between technical expertise and high-level strategic vision, ensuring that the necessary details for execution align with long-term decision-making needs.

With our local presence, we conduct rigorous and relevant analysis, including:

  • Market analysis: This involves sizing and forecasting long-term demand, providing insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Techno-economic studies: We conduct comprehensive studies for energy, petrochemicals, midstream and downstream oil & gas, roads, rail, and port infrastructure development projects.
  • Energy Modelling: We are a licensed Plexos user, having modelled electricity and energy balances within the SADC region in particular.
  • Stakeholder analysis: We delve into stakeholder engagement strategies and execute them effectively to foster collaboration and support.
  • Regulatory analysis: We assess the regulatory landscape to ensure compliance and navigate complexities.
  • Competitor analysis: We study the competitive landscape to identify opportunities and develop effective market entry or product establishment strategies.
  • Pricing models: We develop pricing models tailored to new market entries or the introduction of new products in existing markets.

Additionally, our extensive work with government entities across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region has provided us with a unique perspective on government operations. Some of our government-focused projects include:

  • Strategy and policy development: We assist in formulating strategies and policies to guide governmental activities.
  • Organisational development and restructuring: We contribute to building good governance within public sector entities, fostering efficiency and accountability.
  • Digital transformation: We facilitate the transition to digital processes within the government, streamlining operations and enhancing service delivery.
  • Service delivery improvements: We identify opportunities to improve service delivery at the local government level, enhancing citizen satisfaction.
  • Capacity development interventions: We undertake large-scale interventions to enhance management capacity within government entities.
  • Culture transformation and change management: We guide cultural and organisational change initiatives to foster a conducive environment for growth.

Our integrated approach combines the necessary soft and hard capabilities to establish the foundations upon which businesses and organizations can truly thrive.