The State has a central role to play in creating the enabling environment within which all people can live a life of dignity and prosperity.

The provision of quality basic services, robust healthcare, quality basic and tertiary education, a reliable justice system are all fundamental elements in creating the best conditions for which the citizens of a country can flourish.

We are, however, living in a time where resources are becoming increasingly constrained, reducing the State’s capacity to deliver. Effective resource allocation and efficient implementation then becomes an absolute necessity to ensure the objectives of the State are fulfilled and human dignity preserved through a capable State.

The opportunity to improve resource allocation while driving efficiency gains can yield long term benefits for the country and ultimately enhance the quality of life for all. Businesses competitiveness is ultimately linked to the market within which it competes, and if the market, including all the dimensions necessary for development and growth is inefficient, competition will be stifled, and growth inhibited.

AIA has a deep understanding of the Public Sector, across all three spheres of government. We have assisted national departments, regulatory bodies, provincial government, local, district and metropolitan municipalities and state-owned companies in improving their resource allocations through strategy development, and by improving operations through business process re-engineering, large scale organisational restructuring & turnarounds and digital transformation initiatives.


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