The financial services sector is in constant shift with changing customer sentiments, increasing regulatory requirements, and increased digitisation.

The convergence of these forces will present new opportunities and challenges for organisations within this sector across different markets. AIA offers bespoke solutions for clients in the financial services. We believe that good strategy must be underpinned by sound analysis. We assist our clients understand what their customers really want, the market trends, the impact of competitor moves. At the heart of it, we help clients be at the forefront of value creation and capture.

  • 4IR: The advent of the fourth industrial revolution is changing the channels in which products and services are delivered, with a focus on increasing efficiency.
  • New Entrants: Markets are facing disruption from new entrants and digital natives, unconstrained by the organizational complexity of large corporates.
  • Rising customer expectations: Customer expectations are changing, with increased expectation of tailored solutions delivered in real time and with absolute ease of doing business.
  • Employee expectations: The employee value proposition is evolving, New ways of working are being adopted and the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the digitization of the employee experience.
  • Innovation across the value chain: new businesses are able to compete with established incumbents, even without the physical footprint or established brands. Existing organisations need to be able to respond to this.

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