We are singularly committed to the development of the African continent with a lens of creating an equitable and sustainable future for all.

Our perspective, rooted locally, is global in its outlook and reach. We employ global best practices, technologies, and tools, in creating solutions that are distinct for the challenges that we face. And we do face significant challenges. Challenges that are a combination of a consequence of history, our own failings in relation to poor governance, lack of infrastructure, unemployment, and uninspiring economies, amongst others.

Some of Africa’s challenges are quite unique to the continent. For example, the sheer size of the continent is not fully understood by most. This has a direct consequence on our economies, as it makes development through integration and infrastructure development difficult.  That is, due to the sheer scale of infrastructure required and the low relative economic and population densities, this makes unit economics almost always challenging.

We at AIA however believe that our opportunities and potential as a continent far outweigh the challenges. We see a young and growing population hungry for a better future. The power of our people, and our immense resources, including energy, commodities, oil & gas, and land amongst others, if harnessed correctly can create meaningful value for our people and our economies.

As a firm, we have refocused our business on unlocking Africa’s potential. Everything we do is oriented towards serving our continent. We see our respective countries, regions and the continent at large being unlocked in two key areas, that is a focus on the foundational aspects of developing the hard and soft infrastructure as a mechanism to enable economic development and trade, as well as positioning the continent for the future through leveraging our people and the technology becoming more readily available in AI, the digital revolution, 4IR, and the energy transition to leapfrog our present predicament and create a future that serves us all.

Key focus areas in relation to our Africa focused practice include:

  • Facilitating Regional Integration and Trade with a specific emphasis on AfCFTA,
  • Good Governance within the Public Sector,
  • Smart Cities,
  • The Energy Transition, and
  • New Ways of Work and the Future Workforce

Our deep competencies and over 20 years of experience within the Public Sector, Local Government, Infrastructure and Logistics, Market Development and Trade, Energy and Oil & Gas and Digital Transformation, uniquely positions us to assist companies, government entities, investors and NGOs improve decision making and execution on the continent.