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Thabiso Ndebele


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Thabiso Ndebele is an individual who gets excited by challenging and complex problems in the business environment. Over the years, he has developed technical and soft skills to resolve bottlenecks in manufacturing and service-based companies –of which these skills were acquired through years of strategy development, management consulting and operations management, supplemented by his BSc in Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees from Wits University. He has also developed the skills to lead teams that can deliver results, most often in teams with diverse cultures and experiences.

The operations environment at a senior level has provided him with the ability to guide teams on implementing long-term strategic goals. In his previous position at JoJo Tanks, He led a team of 18 managers across 11 plants in South Africa and Zimbabwe to achieve cost saving measures of R70 million (USD4 million) in 18 months. Preceding this work was a mini dissertation on The Optimisation the JoJo Tanks Operating Model (as part of his MBA) between March and September 2017.

To keep himself relevant, he infrequently offers consulting management services linked to strategy development and operations management to former clients and management through data analysis and knowledge-based advisory.

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