Dorcas Adenuga

Dorcas Adenuga


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Dorcas Adenuga, holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pretoria and brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen to the world of management consulting. With a deep understanding of complex processes and a knack for problem-solving, she is able to bridge the gap between science and business. 

Prior to joining AIA, she worked in the water treatment industry, where she was involved in projects such as plant design, operational water quality analysis, and feasibility study preparation. She is a researcher with articles published in international journals and has presented her work at international conferences.  

Dorcas is innovative, self-motivated, committed and a great team player. She is passionate about Water, Energy and the Environment. She is willing to put her problem-solving, critical thinking and engineering skills to valuable use that will make a long-standing difference. Her dynamic skill set and passion for making tangible impact will empower industries and organisations towards a brighter and more efficient future.

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